So, this is my blog and my business. JUSTREAL Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching. But, what do I bring to the table? Why should you hire me to help you with your fitness goals?

Well, let me tell you. Not only have I been down the weight loss road and learned to make clean eating and exercise a lifestyle, but I’m also into building muscle and getting stronger. Getting better, improving myself for me. I have becoming so much more self-motivated than I use to be and I want to transfer that on to others who need it.

I can do so much more than just help you drop a couple of pounds. My passion is to help people improve their fitness in any aspect that may be, in a safe and healthy way.

I’m continuously reading about new and old things within the fitness world. I may be new at this, but I know that there isn’t a quick-fix or a one-fits-all method when it comes to losing weight OR becoming stronger, faster, leaner, bigger. Everyone is different, but something does work for everyone. And I feel it’s my job to help you find what that something is.

For right now, I have my hands a few different baskets;
In 2014 I started volunteering teaching Fitness classes at the YMCA while working at Michelin. Soon, I began volunteering as a Wellness Leader as well and shortly after, they hired me on as a staff member. Fast forward a few months — I take on another role at the YMCA as a Membership Sales staff and soon after, I leave Michelin and obtain another job in Lunenburg at the emOcean Wellness Centre Gym as a Fitness Instructor, teaching both classes in the gym and the pool. And recently, began taking on my own clients.

I’m hoping to start offering fitness classes of my own come Spring time and maybe try to run a weight loss program on top of that. Who knows. I’m playing it by ear, but I’m still making sure things stay in motion.

So, what will this blog offer? Maybe my posts will be similar to this one. There will be posts about articles I find interesting, maybe even how my day goes when I teach 2-3 classes and try to fit in a workout of my own in between. This is me. My life as a JUST REAL personal trainer, fitness instructor and nutrition coach. I love every minute of it. And I hope you do too.


2 thoughts on “JUSTREAL Blogging

  1. Dave says:

    Good luck Sam!! I know you’ll accomplish your goals. Anyone who hires you will be making the right decision.
    Hey! Am I your 1st “commenter”? 🙂

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