Winter Wonder

I had awoke this morning, slightly groggy, but excited for a FULL day of busyness. I was to be off to Lunenburg for 2 hours to teach two fitness classes back-to-back at emOcean, head back to town to get my oil changed in my car, run some errands while doing so, then back to Lunenburg for a member orientation followed by 2 MORE classes back-to-back! I was pumped. I LOVE and crave busy days like this. Today is gonna be good…
Turn on the radio while I make breakfast.. I heard, “School closure for Lunenburg, Queens, Shelburne County”

Uhhhhhmmmm, what? Since when? Why? Snow? More? Already? Great.

So, alas — school is cancelled, classes are cancelled. Well, yippie. *sarcasm*

What can I say, I’m an absolute nut for teaching fitness classes. I love showing people new exercises, motivating them to push themselves further than if they were on their own. And I love that I know I give them a great workout.

So, it’s snow day for me. I choose to use my time wisely. Naps. Lots of rest. I can tell my muscles need a break, so it’s probably best my body gets a break now.

Today will be spent, researching, designing classes/programs, eating well, napping, watching movies, drinking tea. Yep. As excited as I was to get out there this morning and make some folks sweat and get stronger, sometimes it’s nice to have that down time.

As the weather is looking to get pretty messy, if you’re on the roads, be safe. What is it now? 23 days until Spring. Thank goodness. I can’t wait to see the grass again.

Speaking of Spring and fitness classes. I am currently looking into booking 2 different locations starting April 1st – the end of May 2015. Who’s interested in JUSTREAL WorkOut Classes?

9 weeks, 18 classes
$10/per class or $15 drop-in

Tues afternoon/evening or Wed. Afternoon @ Lunenburg County Lifestyle Center
1210pm -1pm AND/OR 630pm-730pm: Total Body Bootcamp for All-Levels (strength training class)
Thurs. Afternoon @ Flatline MMA & Athletics
1210pm – 1pm: Total Body BoxDrills for Intermediate to Advance Levels (interval training, high intensity class)

Sign up for the following:
18 classes = $180
15 classes = $150
12 classes = $120
9 classes = $90
6 classes = $60
Again, drop-in $15

I’d like to have at least 10 people interested before I commit to booking the space.

So, if this is something you or someone you know might be interested in, please let me know! It’s something I absolutely LOVE to do. TEACH FITNESS CLASSES! Woo!

If you have any questions, email me @


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