Count Down to Spartan Race

I had another dream last night about the Spartan Race. I get so super pumped about it.

Last year was my first year, and I was very pleased with how well I did. There were a obstacles that I just couldn’t complete. Which meant, you got it.. 20 burpees. Now, I know the location will be the same as last year, but you know full well that they’ll set it up differently. I’m ready for the challenge.

I was fortunate enough to have a couple photos snapped by the professional photogs at the event. I look hardcore, right? HELL YEAH!

H114SR01780-XL H114SR01783-XL


These are the types of races I love to do. It’s basically like going on an adventure for 60 – 90 mins. I found it really tests, not only your endurance, but your strength, willpower and determination. I loved every minute of this race. I loved every challenge. When I couldn’t complete an obstacle, I didn’t feel defeated. I remembered that obstacle and thought you myself, “next year”.


Now, wouldn’t you know it. The VERY FIRST obstacle was an 8-foot wall jump-over and I couldn’t get my ass over it. Bam, right off the bat – 20 burpees. I’ve been training by performing box jumps and LOTS of leg strengthening exercises.

The Traverse Wall

By the time I got to this obstacle, each piece of wood was soaked and full of mud. I couldn’t land a good enough grip. Granted, I had no experience on a traverse wall what-so-ever, so I didn’t know that you need to maintain 3-points of contact throughout the entire movement along the wall. To train for this, I’m working on improving my grip strength by performing exercises such as deadlifts, lat pull downs, bent over rows and chin-ups.

Rope Climbing

This obstacle I gave up way too easy with. I looked up, saw that none of the ropes had knots and I just went right into doing my required 20 burpees. I wish I would’ve at least gave it a try. I never had much luck climbing ropes and thought that if there were knots tied along the way up, I could’ve done it. This obstacle is definitely one of the main ones I wish to conquer this year, knots or not. Ha. Again, I will train to improve my grip strength, but also my inner thigh adductor muscles. I hoping to either set up a rope in my back yard once Spring is here, or go to a local fitness facility that has a rope to practice.

The Spartan Spear Throw

I tried and I tried and I tried to get this one. Actually, you only had one shot and if you missed.. Yep, burpees. To help me beat this obstacle this year, I hope to build my own spear and practice at home in my back yard.

Overall, out of the 15+ obstacles, I didn’t complete 4 of them, resulting in 80 burpees. Not bad for my first year.

Now, this year’s Halifax Sprint is on June 6th and I’ve signed up for the 12pm wave. If you want a challenge for the mind, body and soul, sign your ass up for the SPARTAN RACE!


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