JustReal Lean | Day 1

Hi there,

Now, I know I don’t blog often, I always want/try to make it a routine of mine, but it never works out. Hopefully this time is different.

Today I’m starting a new program. Over the past 6 months or so I’ve been focusing on building muscle and strength. Now, I’m looking to lean out – lose some fat. This is what a Trainer does to lose fat. On top of teaching 5 classes week, I need something for myself, but I need to make sure;

a. I don’t over do it and burn-out and…
b. I don’t over-train my body

I’ve designed body split days for chest, back, arms, legs and core with some added interval training and stead-state cardio!

I’m hoping these posts will help inspire folks to achieve their fat loss goals. You don’t need to spend hours and hours in the gym doing cardio, nor do you have to starve yourself. My plan is to eat real food, and make my workouts count and be efficient in the gym.

I’m also doing this blog for accountability. We all need it. I am a self motivated person, but to have numerous eyes reading about my plan and goals will push me that extra bit to get SHIT done.

My plan is only 30 days, but I plan on extended it afterwards to see how far I can go to reach my goal.

So, what are my goals?

  1. I’d like to lean out quite a bit – drop 20-30lbs (THIS will NOT happen in 30 days)
    – Ideally .5 – 1lb a week (Making my goal date June 13th – Aug 22nd)
  2. Maintain the muscle I have (very difficult in the fat loss stage)

Here are my STATS using my OMRON Body Composition Scale:

Weight: 165.7lbs
Body Fat %: 36.4%
Muscle Mass %: 29.1%
Fat Mass: 60lbs of FAT -> this is the number I want to see drop.
Muscle Mass: 48lbs of LEAN MASS -> Ideally this number won’t fluctuant too much.


CHEST: 36″
WAIST:32 1/2 ”
HIPS: 39 1/2 ”
R THIGH: 24″
L THIGH: 24″


I’m looking forward to the next month – And then I’m looking forward to push even further afterwards. It’s been a while since I’ve really focused on losing fat. This will be a fun challenge. Check back every few days to see the workouts I’ve done and what I’ve been eating.


Today’s workout:

3 sets, 12 reps
– wide push ups
– DB chest press – 20lbs each arm
– DB flat bench flye – 12 lbs each arm
3 sets, 10 reps
– incline DB chest flye – 12 lbs each arm
5 sets of 6 reps
– DB chest press – 30lbs each arm
2 sets of 5 reps
– single arm DB bench press – 30lbs

–Then I got set up for Bootcamp class, taught that, trained a client until 730pm then did the following.–

Sprint Tabata 8x : 20 sec work, 10 sec rest
Steady-State Cardio: 5 minutes (Jog)
(Definitely not as long as I wanted to – But, I didn’t want to eat Supper at a late hour so I booked it on the treadmill then made my way home.)


What I ate today:

Breakfast: Sauteed spinach, kale and red onions, topped with 3 scrambled egg-whites. Baked sweet potato slices and 3 slices of bacon. Green tea & 2 large glasses of water.

Morning Snack: Vanilla Greek yogurt with ground flax seed & a coffee (w. stevia and silk creamer)

Lunch: Spinach and kale topped with tuna salad!

Snack: Almonds & raisins.

Dinner: Chicken breast with black bean and corn salad.

What I think will be my biggest challenge:

Throughout today, I noticed that I’m a finisher, a licker, a taster. I always have that extra bit of whatever is left on my spoon before eating the actually dish. All these extras add up — And they have. That’s a point of focus. Will power! It’s a big one. Tomorrow morning we’re having a staff meeting and they are providing muffins and donuts. This won’t be too difficult, as I normally don’t indulge in donuts – They’re not my treat of choice. I do love me some muffins. I’ll be strong. I’ll take brown rice cake and have some peanut butter on top. That’ll be my post workout snack!

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to the gym before work – I think I prefer to do the cardio/tabata BEFORE the weights. So, I’ll alter my program a tad. This way, I not only get that out of the way, but then I’m all revved up for the weights after wards. All my energy is focused there. I find the weights wear me out, and then I can’t focus on my HIIT.

So, there’s Day 1 – Complete. I’m going to have a bed time tea, prepped my things for the morning and get my butt to bed. I think after tomorrow’s workout PLUS PlyoHIIT class, I’ll be in need of a HOT epsom salt bath. Looking forward to it!





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