Personal Fitness and/or Nutrition Guide

Sometimes, we just need something to guide us.

Are you self-motivated and just want or need something to follow to make it all work? JustReal Fitness offers fitness and nutrition plans without the commitment of ongoing coaching.

After the initial consultation, I give you the necessary forms for you to fill out and return. Our 2nd meeting is where, based off the data you provided, I give you the plan I created for you to follow. This meeting typically lasts 60 minutes to ensure we cover all the basics. Once you receive your plan, you continue on your own with no further coaching from me, unless other wise requested from you. The plan must be paid for before or at the beginning of our 2nd meeting. Depending on which plan you decide, the rates are as follows:

8 Week Fitness Plan – $95.00
8 Week Nutrition Guide – $135.00

Session can be book on an as-needed basis at a starting rate of $40/hr.

Sign up here to book your FREE consultation.

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