Personal Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching

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This ongoing service is ideal for clients without complex medical conditions who would like to improve their diet to prevent disease, lose weight, gain lean mass or enhance their performance. I am super happy to be able to offer this service. I know first hand the struggles to eating right and not only making better choices, but making that a lifestyle. My approach is simple. We make small changes, week-to-week to ensure that these changes soon turn into habit. This way of coaching helps provide more realistic goal settings that result in long, lasting change and results.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s no quick fix or a one-size-fits-all approach to weight gain, weight loss, or nutrition for performance. But, I do know that balance is key. Each week, we discuss challenges that were faced or goals that were achieved. I’m not here to change your life in one day. It takes time and patience to make it become a lifestyle. Your lifestyle.

After our first consultation, I give you some forms to fill out and return. Each meeting is approximately 60 minutes in length and each one becomes more involved. First we start with your main goal and then break that down into smaller week-to-week goals. By doing this, it makes your goals more manageable and achievable with less stress and feeling of being overwhelmed. With each passing week, as more and more goals are achieved, I am then able to begin creating your meal plan. Ideally, we meet at least once per week to ensure compliance and re-adjust when needed.

50% deposit must be paid before or at the beginning of our 2nd meeting.
cheque, cash or online payment is accepted.
Single person training sessions/check-ins are billed at a rate of $ 40/hr.

If you’re looking for MORE of a commitment, take a look at the Nutrition Packages below:
Personal Weight Loss & Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Guide = $135.00

Intro Package
Assessment, 8 (1hr) sessions + nutrition guide = $420.00 (Save 15%)

Commit to Your Nutrition Package
Assessment, 16 (1hr) sessions + nutrition guide = $695.00 (Save 15%)

Also, there is an option to combined Personal Nutrition Coaching as well as Fitness Coaching into one awesome JustReal Coaching Package. Please click here for more info.

When choosing a package, note that a 50% deposit must be made before or at the beginning of our 2nd meeting. Cash, cheque or online payment is accepted.